Secure PCN is a private, managed ethernet service delivered last mile via a dedicated cellular network powered by AT&T.

A Secure and Cost-Effective Work-from-Home Solution

Our private cellular networks safely allow employees to work-from-home, without costly or time-consuming equipment setups or compromising sensitive data. Communicate through a secure and reliable IoT machine-to-machine priority connections, providing unlimited data traffic and reducing hacking and security risks.

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Our Cellular-Enabled Video Solution is a Game-Changer

Our private cellular network transmits video with a priority LTE connection, segregated on the U.S. mobile carrier networks - not the open public channel, and more importantly, not the internet. This does not have an IP addressable connection and is fortified by a 256-bit end-to-end encryption to defend against upstream and downstream threats.

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Out-of-Band Management,
Not Out of Control

In systems management, out-of-band management involves the use of management interfaces for managing and networking equipment. Our out-of-band management solution allows the network operator to establish trust boundaries in accessing the management function to apply it to network resources.

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