Secure PCN is a private, managed ethernet service delivered last mile via a dedicated cellular network powered by AT&T.

Cellular-Based Solutions for IT / OT

Primary • Redundant • Hybrid

SecurePCN is an innovative infrastructure of commercially available and open source technologies that offers the End User’s last mile connectivity to an encrypted, segmented and monitored network via a private LTE connection.
By placing low cost cellular enabled hardware units running open source firewall software at the edge, SecurePCN can deliver AES 256 level encryption and private addressing segmentation from a remote office all the way back to the customer’s premise while providing confidential and secure end-point monitoring 24/7/365.

Encrypted • Segmented • Monitored • Low Cost

Like MPLS, your SecurePCN network circuit is point-to-point, secure (private) and can support QoS. Like Internet VPN, it’s low cost, easily installed and widely available, however SecurePCN has an exponentially smaller attack surface; which includes the following:

  • AES 256 encryption end to end
  • Out-of-band Monitored and Managed 24/7
  • Private addressing
  • Data never traverses the public internet
  • Managed QoS
  • Managed edge firewall
  • NIST framework